Energy Gel Lemon

Energy Gels, Any Good?

That is what I decided to find out. Are these so called energy gels any good? There are a plethora of products out there by many many supplement brands and the likes. One of which I tested was that of BioTechUSA called Energy Gel Pro.

My verdict in short…it works.

Yeah they work, they give you that extra energy when it comes to endurance events and training. They are convenient in a little pouch with mouth piece.

Taste wise, they are very sweet and fake tasting, but not to say it’s no good. Actually quite fine and you don’t exactly care when you’ve got nothing left to give and this supplement can help.

Price, unless on offer somewhere, they are pricey in my opinion. Get them cheap, on sale or clearance from somewhere and it’s worth picking them up. I got these very BioTechUSA Energy Gel pouches in singles from Supplements2u in the UK.