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      Products & Services
    1. Power quality class

    2. Automation protection

    3. Intelligent monitoring class

    4. Overvoltage protection

    5. Neutral grounding class

    6. Power supply

    7. IEC61850 protocol converter

    8. SMR-TBP overvoltage protector


      1、 The product overview

      SMR-TBP series three-phase combined overvoltage protector is a high-performance overvoltage absorbing device suitable for power systems of 35kV and below. It is an advanced protection device that limits lightning overvoltage and operating overvoltage. Mainly used to protect the insulation of generators, transformers, switches, busbars, motors, shunt compensation capacitor banks and other electrical equipment from overvoltage damage. It can effectively protect the phase and phase overvoltage.

      2、 Product features

      1) Protect the insulation of electric equipment such as motors, generators, transformers, switches, busbars, capacitors, and motor neutrals from overvoltage damage.

      2)It has the characteristics of fast action, flat Fu'an characteristics, low residual pressure, stable performance, convenient assembly and maintenance, etc.

      3)Effective protection for phase and phase overvoltage

      4)Can be used with action counters and miniature overvoltage protectors

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