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      Products & Services
    1. Power quality class

    2. Automation protection

    3. Intelligent monitoring class

    4. Overvoltage protection

    5. Neutral grounding class

    6. Power supply

    7. IEC61850 protocol converter

    8. SMR931 multi-function instrument


      1.Product Overview

      This series of multi-function intelligent power meter is a new generation of measurement and control instrument designed and manufactured by our company with the most advanced microelectronic technology, computer technology and SMT manufacturing technology. It can directly and accurately measure the voltage, current and active of each phase. Power, reactive power, etc.; directly using mature energy meter technology, can accurately measure active energy, reactive energy.

      2.product features

      All performance indicators are in line with GB/T 17215 "Class 1 and Class 2 Static AC Active Energy Meter" national standards for the technical requirements of the meter and IEC61036 international standards, and have RS485 communication interface, its performance is stable and accurate High degree of operation, convenient operation, intuitive display, is a measurement and control instrument adapted to modern management

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