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      Products & Services
    1. Power quality class

    2. Automation protection

    3. Intelligent monitoring class

    4. Overvoltage protection

    5. Neutral grounding class

    6. Power supply

    7. IEC61850 protocol converter

    8. Power system dynamic recording device SMR-DRE3 (fault recording device)


      1.Product Overview

      SMR-DRE3 series power system dynamic recording device is mainly used for voltage and current data recording of power system faults or abnormal working conditions, and sequence recording of protection and safety automatic device actions, reproducing the electrical quantity change process during fault and abnormal operation, and completing The comprehensive analysis of fault recording data provides a basis for determining the cause of the fault, correctly analyzing and evaluating the behavior of the protection and automatic device. This device is mainly used in substations above 110KV, and can also be used in substations and power plants of other grades.

      2.product features

      (1) It can collect 96 analog and 192 switches, and support high-speed digital input.

      (2) Transient recording function: The transient recording function can be started when the generator group, the line, the transformer is faulty and other conditions are triggered.

      (3) When the large number of large disturbances occur continuously in the transformer, line and transformer, the device can completely record the entire process of each large disturbance. The recorded data is faithful and reliable, and can truly reflect harmonics and non-periodic components.

      (4) Continuous steady-state function: continuous recording with 1KHZ sampling value, and continuous recording of voltage, current, active, reactive power, frequency and other electrical quantities from the start of operation of the equipment

      (5) Real-time monitoring function: The device can provide brief fault information report when the line, transformer, and generator group are faulty, so that the operation personnel can handle the fault in time.

      (6) Ability to configure a complete oscillography start criterion to support remote and manual start recording

      (7) Data output interface: USB data output interface, printer interface

      (8) Communication function: The data transmission conforms to the IEC61850 modeling specification of the power system dynamic recording device described in DL/T553-2013 "General technical conditions for power system dynamic recording devices".

      (9) Data security management: Data security management ensures that the data recorded by the device is not lost or destroyed due to continuous continuous startup, power interruption, human and accidental factors.

      (10) The oscillography file format conforms to the COMTRAED data model specification, and has a oscillography file editing function, which can recombine the data in the oscillating file according to a customized channel to generate a new oscillography file and conform to the COMTRAED standard.

      (11) High frequency channel signal recording function

      (12) Support sub-file data recording method

      (13) The device has complete data analysis capabilities

      (14) NTP/IRIG-B timing interface, clock error is less than 200 microseconds

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