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      Products & Services
    1. Power quality class

    2. Automation protection

    3. Intelligent monitoring class

    4. Overvoltage protection

    5. Neutral grounding class

    6. Power supply

    7. IEC61850 protocol converter

    8. SMR-ZJB transformer neutral point gap grounding protection complete device


      1.Product Overview

      The SMR-ZJB series transformer neutral point gap grounding protection device designed by our company is a special complete set of equipment for neutral point overvoltage protection of 110KV/220KV transformer. The whole set of equipment is centered on the neutral point protection gap of SMR-ZJB series transformers, and the isolation switch and arrester are selected according to the environment and user requirements. Typical usage schemes include: isolation switch arrester discharge gap combination scheme, isolation switch discharge gap combination scheme, and pure clearance scheme.

      2.product features

      SMR-ZJB series transformer neutral point protection gap is manufactured according to DL/T-620-1997 "Overvoltage Protection and Insulation Coordination of AC Electrical Equipment" in the 110kV, 220kV effective grounding power network. And refer to the technical requirements of the neutral point protection gap in the "25 key requirements for preventing major accidents in power production" published by the State Grid Corporation of China Power Transmission and Operation Department in September 2000.

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