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      Intelligent variable power distribution monitoring system can be widely used in enterprise voltage distribution rooms, intelligent buildings, municipal construction, intelligent communities, schools, ports, airports and other fields of various voltage levels; it is an open, intelligent and networked intelligence. Power information management platform. Real-time collection and display of various operating switch status and power parameters of the system, can completely grasp the real-time running status of the power distribution system, detect faults in time and make corresponding decisions and treatments, and realize the monitoring and control system of the power distribution and distribution system. Refined, visualized operational management.
      • Integrate the existing overall power technology architecture, including smart metering, data acquisition terminals, specialized variable-control terminals, interactive terminals, power-selling terminals, communication networks with data centers, and data collection management and data application platforms, through multiple communications Media, a system that measures, collects, and analyzes user power data on demand or in a set manner, and provides open two-way communication. It is the basic information platform within the grid company and enterprise customers.

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