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      Intelligent variable power distribution monitoring system can be widely used in enterprise voltage distribution rooms, intelligent buildings, municipal construction, intelligent communities, schools, ports, airports and other fields of various voltage levels; it is an open, intelligent and networked intelligence. Power information management platform. Real-time collection and display of various operating switch status and power parameters of the system, can completely grasp the real-time running status of the power distribution system, detect faults in time and make corresponding decisions and treatments, and realize the monitoring and control system of the power distribution and distribution system. Refined, visualized operational management.
      • Energy efficiency management services mainly include motor energy saving solutions and fan energy saving solutions. The motor energy-saving solution, the permanent magnet drive technology uses the magnetic force to drive the load to work, and realizes the non-contact torque transmission between the motor and the load. The motor-driven active rotor rotates at a high speed, cutting magnetic lines of force in the magnetic field generated by the driven rotor, thereby generating an induced magnetic field, and driving the load through the interaction force between the magnetic fields to realize the transmission of the torque. Fan energy-saving solutions, fans are widely used in the ventilation, dust extraction and cooling of factories, mines, tunnels, cooling towers, vehicles, ships and buildings; ventilation and air intake of boilers and industrial furnaces; air conditioning equipment and household appliances Cooling and ventilation; grain drying and selection; wind tunnel sources and hovercraft inflation and propulsion. The traditional induced draft fan is a high-voltage asynchronous motor, which adopts a hydraulic coupler speed regulating device, which has low energy saving effect and large loss of itself. There is a great energy loss in the relative frequency conversion speed regulation, and the failure rate is high and the maintenance workload is large. The energy-saving frequency conversion speed regulation is adopted, and the motor speed is automatically adjusted according to the negative pressure of the flue, thereby reducing the mechanical loss, thereby achieving the energy saving effect and realizing the automatic control.

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