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      Intelligent variable power distribution monitoring system can be widely used in enterprise voltage distribution rooms, intelligent buildings, municipal construction, intelligent communities, schools, ports, airports and other fields of various voltage levels; it is an open, intelligent and networked intelligence. Power information management platform. Real-time collection and display of various operating switch status and power parameters of the system, can completely grasp the real-time running status of the power distribution system, detect faults in time and make corresponding decisions and treatments, and realize the monitoring and control system of the power distribution and distribution system. Refined, visualized operational management.
      • The intelligent microgrid energy management system is a small-scale power distribution system composed of a variety of distributed power sources, energy storage systems, energy conversion devices, loads, electric vehicle charging devices and monitoring and protection devices. It is a self-control and protection device. And an independent autonomous system of management. With the key technologies such as operation control and energy management, the system can realize grid-connected or island operation of micro-grid, reduce the adverse effects of intermittent distributed power supply to the distribution network, maximize the utilization of distributed power supply, and improve power supply. Reliability and power quality.

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