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      With the goal of Internet + power operation and maintenance services, we will realize the smart cloud operation and maintenance of power equipment. Better provide customers with cloud-based data monitoring services, thus eliminating the traditional traditional monitoring and running duty system; providing operation and maintenance response, and dispatching command system, which can quickly lock down faults, timely handle faults, and reduce the impact of faults on enterprise production. , to reduce losses; provide intelligent analysis systems to achieve intelligent analysis and evaluation of operational conditions, operational efficiency, energy analysis, energy efficiency, demand side management.
      • With real-time monitoring and a variety of data analysis capabilities. Through the definition and analysis of multi-dimensional attributes of data, the electric energy data in the respective systems are reflected, and multi-power coordinated control, including data, is realized by measuring distributed power sources such as distributed photovoltaic systems, small wind power generation systems, and energy storage systems. Collection and processing, alarm management, equipment management, statistics and query, energy audit, decision support, multi-power coordination, linkage and other functions.

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